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Sherry Wright – Director

Ashica Smith – Communications Coordinator

SAW Advertising Agency is the mama bear for your business. We’ve been in the game a long time. We’ve seen the past mistakes clients have made and use those lessons to help you avoid making the same ones.

So many agencies offer you a “shiny package” of the quick fixes and levels of ROI, but those cookie cutter options leave clients right back where they started (heck, sometimes worse off). When your agency actually cares about your business, your product, your goals, your fears, you end up with something so incredibly accurate that you end up kicking yourself for even going with those pre-selected options in the first place. (For reals. We constantly hear, “I wish I would have used you sooner!”)

Sometimes we have to protect our clients from themselves (they thank us later), but who didn’t get mad when their parents told them to eat their vegetables?

Our slogan at SAW Advertising Agency is, “Helping Businesses Cut Through The Competition” And yes, we know that technically a “saw” doesn’t “cut,” it “saws,” but it would sound really redundant to say, “SAW Advertising Agency; Helping Businesses Saw Through The Competition.” And in all reality, the action of “cutting” is a more accurate representation of what we do. There’s a back and forth motion to cutting that is a pretty spot-on depiction of how we serve our clients. We know the direction we need to move in order to deliver the best marketing plan for your business. But sometimes the market changes or your needs shift. And SAW Advertising Agency is tapped into the tiny redirections that need to happen in order to “cut” more accurately into the competition. We tap into that “back and forth” motion of cutting that delivers the intricate and precise marketing plan you need.

We will 100% be on your team at all times. We are here to help you succeed. You can bet that the alignment of your business goals will always calibrate with our services- we’re doing all the cutting for you, but with the power and accuracy of a kickass saw.

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